About Us

Caflicks is a video on-demand service that serves as a gateway into the Catholic Faith – echoing and amplifying it –  and making it far more discoverable on the digital continent.  We are an aggregate of the best and clearest portrayals of the works, faith and instruction of the Church, all within a fun and familiar, entertainment-styled environment!

It can be quite challenging these days for those trying to explore their faith on the Internet.  Even if you manage to discover authentic Catholic teaching through a secular search engine or video site, chances are there are distractions or competing ideologies on the same screen.  However, if you know precisely what to type into a search engine, you can discover great video content that has been made available through by the Church.

But what if you do not already know the precise names, organizations, and terminology needed to find reliably Catholic videos?  Caflicks makes it much easier to discover the Faith by curating and aggregating the clearest and most compelling Catholic video content all in a single location!  Furthermore, we are working to make Catholic videos far more visible to search engines.  This means that the Church can be discovered in the popular culture through her own voice and narrative!

So what is official “Catholic teaching” in terms of video content?  Is there an imprimatur or stamp of approval by the Church for videos in particular?  At this time, there is not.  To address this, Caflicks will only use video content that relates to the instruction of the faith if it somehow falls under the umbrella of a Catholic bishop.  This means that content must be presented by someone who:

  • has been incardinated, (or has been placed under the specific jurisdiction of a bishop).
  • has been approved to speak at diocesan events.
  • has been vetted by Catholic media ministries that are endorsed or supported by their local Catholic bishop.  Examples include EWTN, Relevant Radio, CatholicTV, and others.

At this time, we believe this approach may be the best possible means for gathering video content that reliably represents the Catholic faith – and it may also be the fastest means for the Church to engage the culture in today’s video-obsessed, rapid-paced news cycle on a large scale.

Everyone benefits by Caflicks!  Which camp might you belong to?


  • Approachability
  • Discoverability
  • Clarity About Hot Topics
  • A Single Source
  • Ability to Share the Faith Casually

Content-Providing Partners

  • SEO on their content
  • Full page “ads”
  • Younger audiences
  • Distribution
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • ROI with Pay Per View


  • Catholic Authenticity
  • Unity
  • Quality Control/Clarity
  • Our Story with Our Voice
  • Presence in the Home
  • Small Economic Footprint capable of making all ministries, vocations, charities and calls-to-action more discoverable

We are just now taking our first baby steps, and we would greatly appreciate your prayers.  Starting now, please.  We’ll wait…

… We can also benefit from those of you who are willing to beat up our website, kick the tires, and give us your feedback.  After going through our website, please check out our easy-peasy survey (see below) and share your thoughts and experiences with the content, the device you might have used, your thoughts and observations.

Thank you for your prayers and support!  We greatly appreciate it!

Your feedback will truly help to shape our new mission from the ground up.  We need your help!