Advent – Outside da Box

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Advent – Outside da Box
Advent - Week 3
Waiting. It is not attractive word. It seems boring. What if... you were waiting for something that would change your life? How would you get ready for it? Would you make yourself busy, filling your life with noise and distraction? Rushing to get gratification. Would you spend all your time doing everything... but slowing down? NO? Well this is what we do every year. Each year we have an opportunity, to dramatically change our life. But most of the time we miss it. We spend our time running around, trying to get everything done in time. When most of us forget, to get the most important thing ready...Our Heart. This is what Advent is all about. Slowing Down and Waiting. To get our Heart ready... To bring Jesus into our life... A bit more fully, than before Advent. slow down. take time. open up. Produced for Outside da Box

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