Christmas Peace

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Christmas Peace
Advent - Week - 4
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Catholic Video by Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski reflects upon the source of Christmas Peace. Keep Christ in Christmas! When the Wright brothers flew for the first time in 1903, their local paper ran the story two days later, placing it on the sixth page. The editor had not recognized the brothers flight, as the major headlining story of the year in 1903, "Man's First Flight". He missed it! In a similar way our world often misses the main headline during the Christmas season. We hear of all the sales, discounts and the importance of finding the perfect gift, while forgetting the main headliner of Christmas...Jesus Christ! The days leading up to Christmas are called Advent. This time is not important because of bargains in the store, it is a time to prepare our hearts to allow Jesus, the Saviour of the world to be reborn in us again. Christmas peace does not come from a sale, or discount. It does not come from Santa Claus, flying reindeer or mistletoe. It does not come from the latest tech gadget or product. It comes from a person - Jesus Christ. If we are not focused on the headliner for Christmas, we will miss out on Christmas peace.

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