Dealing with Guilt and Shame

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Dealing with Guilt and Shame
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The first stage discussed in the last video was Desire. At the top of this cycle is the state of desire. Now, in an earlier video we talked about how that really means over-desire—a strong craving for something, even a good thing. We talked about different over-desires that can compel us into the arms of pornography. We mentioned several: relationship, respect, refuge, reward, revenge. Okay, that was the stage of Desire. Moving on from there, now we come to triggers. With this, awareness is the key: we need to know what our triggers are and we need to train our minds to deal with them quickly. What is it for you? Is it a specific website with a bunch of racy ads? Is it Facebook? Is it a TV show or a specific channel on TV? Is it a certain kind of music? Is it a certain place? Is it when you’re hungry or tired or stressed out? Take inventory of this, and then write out an escape plan: when this trigger comes along, what’s your off-ramp? What exactly will you do? Where will you go? Who will you call? If you don’t actually make a plan, chances are you just won’t do anything the next time the trigger comes. When the trigger comes, God provides a way of escape, but often we don’t have the eyes to see it because our minds get foggy really quickly. So in your more clear-headed moments, in prayer to God or in conversation with a Christian friend, write down your common triggers and your planned off-ramps.

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