Mobile App Advent Calendar

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Mobile App Advent Calendar
Advent - Week 1
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Pray-As-You-Go (Free) If you look at no other app for Advent, consider this one. The Pray As You Go mini daily Advent retreat will make a substantial impact on you as you prepare for Christmas, and it only takes about 11 minutes each day. The music will grip you right off the bat, as demonstrated in the promotional video above (please, play it). See how it gets you to calm down just watching that video? That gives you a sense of the experience. The lovely audio production is designed to captivate your soul as it compels you to STOP and meditate. They are so good at this, it doesn’t take long for the program to gently lead you out of the craziness of your life and focus on what’s really important. The reflections are intensely personal to your journey as you explore the theme from a variety of perspectives, most especially, the Word of God. Produced by Jesuit Media Initiatives out of Britain, in collaboration with Sacred Space , the audio retreat invites you to spend a few minutes each day in a systematic method of prayer and meditation as you listen to and reflect on God’s Word along with gentle reflections offered by the Jesuits.

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